3D2D Crafts Fair, Edinburgh 7th-29th August

Long time no post! Apologies for the long silence, however there is a good reason: On 7th August I opened a wee stall at the 3d2d Crafts Fair in Edinburgh’s West End, which runs throughout the Edinburgh Festival. It’s the first time I’ve sold anything so it’s exciting as well as absolutely exhausting 🙂 I am part of a collective of first-time stallholders so there’s alot of support – as well as alot of fresh and exciting work on show. If you are one of the past week’s visitors who picked up my card and took the time to look me up then thank you for your interest and your patience whilst I catch up with myself!

My stock includes handprinted scarves, tote bags and greetings cards as well as the infamous hoodies which anyone familiar with me personally (or with my previous blog) will recognise! I have designed two new prints in addition to my original ‘stripey’ one, so the summer has been alot of hard work. I’ve really gotten stuck into the screenprinting and my favourite new skill is using a knitting machine.

Watch this space for more!


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