Sinamay hat!

I finished this hat back in December, but Christmas got in the way of me posting the images! This hat is for my Mum, who wanted something special to go with an outfit she wears to special occasions, like weddings. As she lives in Malawi, this was distance designing – I had only a low-res photo of her in the outfit and my memory of the clothes to guide the colour selection and the design. The overlapping leaf/heart shape comes from the pattern on her skirt, and the oversize fascinator style fulfilled Mum’s request that it not be a full hat, but more of a headdress. Mum really likes the photos of the finished hat – and I can’t wait to visit to deliver the hat and be there when she first tries it on!


3 responses to “Sinamay hat!

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    • Thank you very much for your kind comment Carol! Sadly I haven’t made hats for a while now due to focusing on other things, but it would be great to start some hat projects again. If you would ever like to discuss a hat, please do let me know!

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