Mama’s Got a Brand New Hat

Remember the sinamay hat I posted back in January? Well I just got back from delivering it to its intended owner in Malawi a few weeks ago… and I hope you’ll agree that Mum rocks this hat! She was really happy with it, and I was so excited to see that it looked even better on her and with the outfit it was made for than I had planned and hoped. The colour matching was especially tricky at a distance so I was really glad that it worked out! I asked Mum if she would mind me picking a few photos to put up here on the blog – I just thought she looked lovely in these photos showing off the different angles of the hat so I wanted to share them.

I haven’t been posting as regularly as I would like recently, but I have been working away at a few of my own projects and gathering some momentum… More to come soon, including the Armadillo Button and a one-week course with Rose Cory in London starting tomorrow! Very excited…


9 responses to “Mama’s Got a Brand New Hat

  1. Truly one of a kind! I can’t wait to wear it – I know for sure there will be no other like it in the whole Malawi! Prepare for orders from here…

    • Hi Sevil, thanks for your kind comment! The fabric is called sinamay. I am not sure of suppliers elsewhere, but one of the bigger UK suppliers is Parkin Fabrics. You can order from their website and they do ship overseas so hopefully that might help! Towera

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