Work In Progress

My posts are a little like buses… none for ages, then two come along at once. I don’t have many days like this where I can take stock and catch up a bit, but I am pushing myself to do it more, even though it doesn’t usually make its way on to the blog. One of the things I really enjoy about many other blogs I follow is the way the authors take you on a journey through their work, their thoughts or whatever they are in to. I tend to self-edit a lot, and then wind up only putting the finished product out for the world to see.

So with that in mind, this post is a leap of faith – alongside my coursework, I have been working on a dress for a friend’s wedding at the end of this month (eek!) and these pictures were taken just minutes ago. Obviously this is the toile, just to get the fitting right before I go cutting up the actual fabric. I now feel I have to put my money where my mouth is and make it as good as I can! Updating on the blog as I go, of course. I am also pleased to say that the toile fits better on me than on my mannequin – despite its Adjustoform credentials, this dummy just doesn’t get close to a human form. Anyone with a beautiful, spare K&L mannequin in a size 12 please get in touch šŸ™‚

Sweetheart back

3/4 view of the back

3/4 view of the front – I decided to keep the front relatively simple to contrast with the cutout back and to allow the fabric to be the main eventThe fabrics I plan to use – the silvery woven fabric is the outer, the gold fabric is the lining

My Dad brought me the silvery woven fabric back from a trip to Ethiopia, so I hope I can do it some justice!


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