End of year and exciting times ahead


10 yarns created for our Yarn Spinning module. Most of these were only yarns in the loosest sense – the course was subtitled ‘stringy things’, to give you an idea! I expected 12 weeks of being slightly bored at a spinning wheel, and it turned out to be one of the most fun and expressive courses I’ve done. I decided to dye my own wool sliver and viscose yarn, and these then formed the building blocks of most of the yarns I created.


Samples and sketchbooks. I took initial inspiration from three urban objects: a circuit board, a hand drill and a pair of chains. Then the drawings and markmaking exercises were used to develop the collection of yarns.


I photocopied elements of my exploratory drawings and collaged them to create the drawing in the background. Having this guideline freed me up to be quite experimental within the parameters I set myself. I handspun, wove, knitted, felted and embroidery stitched the yarns and really enjoyed exploring this variety of techniques.


Deadlines were staggered but all the work made it to the wall eventually. The orange dress is my first go at a knitted-to-size garment, which was hard work but really fun. Above that are some laser cut fabric samples based on those Portuguese tiles I photographed last summer! And you may recognise the knitted and woven samples.


I really enjoyed the work this year, and seeing it all pinned up was really nice. Looking forward to next year!


My favourite yarn I think. I like how it really picks up directly on some of my markmaking from the drawing in the background.


Laser engraved and cut fabric and leather


Springy thing


Last look before taking it all down.

So that was my 2nd year – though as it was really only 7 months, it’s no wonder it feels like it’s flown by. For next year there are very exciting things coming up: I will be going on an Erasmus exchange to Finland for four months from August! I can’t wait and at the same time I’m a bit nervous. I’ll be in Turku, at the University of Applied Sciences. I’ve never been to Scandinavia, so I’m really looking forward to being somewhere completely different and meeting lots of new people (and doing my best to learn at least a little Finnish). The course I’ll be doing focuses on marketing  for interior textile design, and at the end we’ll exhibit our designs at Heimtextil 2014 in Frankfurt, which is only the world’s biggest trade fair for interior textiles. So no pressure then… 🙂 Expect more news on that nearer the time, I will definitely be recording my experiences and all the new inspiration I find.


3 responses to “End of year and exciting times ahead

  1. Congratulations Towera! Both on your beautiful work and going away! Finland sounds amazing! !I’m looking forward to seeing pictures from your adventure!^_^xx

    • Thank you Gosia! I will make sure to take lots of photos 🙂 loving your toys as well, I think the fox is my favourite. Great idea to sell the pattern too! xx

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