Keeping Busy

Term has ended but, true to form, I find it impossible to sit still for long. First things first, I’ve been enjoying quality time with friends I haven’t seen properly for weeks months due to the business of doing so-called Important Work. I have also been taking advantage of the extra time to get back to some of my own projects that have been gathering dust for too long either in the study or in the back of my mind, usually the latter. As well as making a bridesmaid’s dress for a friend, doing a little revamping of some furniture here at home and looking for some summer work (more to come on all of those), I was itching to get back to my original textiles love affair with screenprinting. After the Paper Dress project, I thought it would be great to print a length of the final ‘Feathers & Ferns’ print and make some silk scarves. I nearly got round to it a year ago but it all fell through at the last minute. As I had invested in all the pigments and binders and of course the silk, which I even had dyed to shade, I’ve been desperate to get this project rolling again. I was luckily able to take advantage of the amazing print room at university so I rented it for a couple of days and finally made it happen! Here’s the story:


I’m really happy to have printed some fabric that I love and equally as pleased to have learned how to set up a repeat print. I’d designed a few repeat prints digitally before, but never actually printed in repeat on this scale. Now that I know how, I’ll definitely be looking to do more whenever I can.

I am curious to try combining weaving and printing… do any of you have any experience of this? Do you print on your woven fabric or do you design collections that include some woven and some printed designs? Or both? Are there any designers you admire who do this?


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