Good news

I am so pleased to share some great news I had yesterday. In the middle of a scramble for yet another deadline and running a fundraiser for our final year show at New Designers in London (I like to multi-task), I received an email from our Head of School telling me that I have been awarded a Scholarship from the Worshipful Company of Weavers! I had a few tears and a hug from a friend, then had to bottle it all up to get a marketing report handed in and collect up our fundraising buckets from our event. The celebratory drink came later, with more to come tonight I think.

I had the interview back in November, and had almost succeeded in telling myself that because I hadn’t yet heard any news, it wasn’t to be this time. I am still a little stunned but it is slowly starting to sink in. To have the recognition from this institution and the industry representatives who belong to it is wonderful, and such a huge encouragement as I work on carving out this career for myself. And with the timing, it feels like an extra Christmas present 😊


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