So much has happened!

I am currently at New Designers in London exhibiting my graduate collection, ‘Home to the African Sun’ (link goes to my ArtsThread profile with more about the project). After the marathon of the degree, so many good things have happened and it has been the busiest few weeks out of the busiest few months. No complaints, although I look forward to catching up on some sleep 🙂

This is me at Heriot-Watt University stand T38:

New Designers stand

New Designers stand

Still on today and tomorrow. If you are in London or planning to visit the show please stop by! I have had a better first two days than I could have asked for. On Wednesday one company was potentially interested in freelance work, which is an exciting prospect. Yesterday one of my favourite textile companies was interested in buying one of my samples – I won’t say who yet or which sample, but what a wonderful start to the day! And as if that weren’t enough, my work was selected to be featured in a show report by one of the major trends forecasting websites! Details on that will follow of course – I am only being coy because it’s not quite public until it’s published, but rest assured that I will be shouting from the rooftops as soon as it is online. I have had many positive comments from a lot of people and some wonderful discussions, and I am grateful for all of them.

An exciting and overwhelming first few days and I am very happy.

Prior to all this – I finished my degree of course! Here is the original show in Galashiels:

Degree show

Degree show

Jacquard woven band detail

Jacquard woven band detail, with sketchbook work below

Little fabric selection

Little fabric selection

I graduated with a first!


Silly happy face

I was also awarded the Incorporation of Bonnetmakers and Dyers of Glasgow Prize for best project. This semester has been full of doubt and some difficult times outside of the course, so to not only achieve a great result but be singled out for that award from a group of incredibly talented people was surprising and humbling.

After finishing the coursework in May I started an internship in Edinburgh at Araminta Campbell Textiles as a hand weaver and studio assistant. Araminta designs bespoke tweeds which are then made into bags and small accessories. She also designs limited edition and bespoke shawls, scarves, cushions and other products in alpaca wool, which is beautifully soft and strong and sourced ethically from within the UK. I will be weaving some of the alpaca products for the next few months, as well as helping to set up at shows, promote the business and generally assisting with work in the studio. It has been a great start and I’m looking forward to getting back to work in July!

Thanks for reading and watch this space for more – I promise I won’t stay quiet for so long this time.


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