Little dress challenge

I will post a little update on the rest of my life soon, but for today I am going to have my own personal Sewing Bee session. We are going to not one, but two weddings next weekend. I thought I’d be smart about getting a new dress and picked up a lovely one from a charity shop back in June. I didn’t try it on, and just trusted the size label 10/36 (I’m normally reliably a size 10). BIG mistake 😂 I tried it on a few days ago and although I have put on a little weight in the last few months, I didn’t quite expect the dress to be so small! I’ll spare you an actual photo of me but it looked a bit like this:

The hips don’t lie

Oops. So I’m going to just say that this dress is a European size 36, which I normally think of as a UK 8, not a 10, and put the confusion down to that 😊 As the top/bodice of the dress fits quite nicely, my initial idea is to make use of the front seam on the right hand side of the dress – to unpick it and then insert some extra fabric, a bit like this:

This may not work the way it looks in my head

So that is my little challenge to myself for the next few hours! If it starts to look disastrous, there may be time to go and find something sensible… But I’d prefer not to waste a perfectly good dress if I can make it work! Here goes…


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