Little dress challenge – done!

So I wasn’t slacking over the weekend, but I did get hit by one of those awful summer flus that’s going round, so everything has been very much slower than I’d planned! However in between naps and lemsips I carried on with my stitching:

Pinning the hem to check the length before tacking

Top stitching either side of the insert to ensure it hangs neatly from the waist

There was a slit in the back originally due to the pencil cut of the skirt, but once I’d put the insert I thought it looked a bit silly. So I stitched it up

The finished dress! Ready to party πŸ˜ŠπŸŽ‰

I apologise for the poor quality of the full length photos – they were taken with my phone as you can see (iPad selfies look ridiculous – now how’s that for a first world problem). I am saving for a better one so that I can streamline the blogging process and make it more immediate – I appreciate how much time is saved when I don’t have to download photos from the camera and process them through at least one application before they are ready to share. I have also recently gotten into Instagram (as you can see to the right of this post) so I am very keen on being able to more quickly photograph and share better quality images soon!



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