about me

I am a woven textile designer, recently relocated from Edinburgh to Batley in West Yorkshire. I love to make things! Textiles are my focus, but I am also very happy sawing up bits of wood, screenprinting cards, dressmaking and whatever else happens to be exciting at the time. This blog is where I record projects I work on and different techniques and designs I play around with – as much as time and the world of grown-up work will allow.

I welcome any feedback, as my fellow designers will know peer reviews are often worth gold! Thanks for visiting!


3 responses to “about me

  1. Looks fantastic T!! Glad you finally got rid of the creepy slimy hand of the profession called architecture and are now doing something you love 🙂 mx

    • Alin, thank you very much and I am so sorry I missed your comment from so long ago! I am not sure how that happened. The moulds I make are from polystyrene/styrofoam blocks that I found on eBay, and I use a hot wire cutter and a knife or scalpel to shape them. I hope that is useful, although by now you have maybe found your own way to make them! Happy hatmaking 🙂

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