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top with crossed straps made from West African wax printed cotton

fitted knee-length dress with crossed straps and gathered skirt

The West African print top and the Bubble dress. The top was made in around 2003, the dress in 2008 when I took a 2-month patterncutting and dressmaking course (at the London Academy of Dressmaking and Design). I enjoyed being able to draw on an earlier design idea and see the improvement in my patterncutting.

hand-printed, flared woollen panel skirt with coordinating hood accessory

The above hood and skirt set were my first term project for my HND Textiles course, which I completed in June 2011. An allover print was applied to the woollen fabric (see images below). To achieve the colour blend I wanted on the skirt, this had to be done after the panels had been cut which, with 12 panels, made for quite a laborious process! I really enjoyed it though and screenprinting became a major part of my work throughout the course – browse the blog for more.

screenprinting process for flared panel skirt and hood

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2 responses to “dressmaking

  1. My cousin is a designer! smiles and waves:) Proud of you Towera, the future is sure bright.

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